9 Outdoor Activities to do This Fall With Your Dog

9 Outdoor Activities to do This Fall With Your Dog

Fall is my favorite time of year. The crisp air and a daytime high in the 60's sets up the perfect day to bring out the pups. My two American Bulldogs can't hang in extreme heat so I can only walk them in the evenings during the summer, only for about a mile or two before they are just too hot to hang. Here are some ideas on things to do with your furry kids this fall season:

  1. Go on a Hike

    • Finding dog-friendly hiking trails can be found in your town on bringfido.com. Just make sure you remember their snacks, water and poop bags!

  2. Beer or Wine Tasting

    • Last time I went to the mountains of Virginia, every brewery and winery I went to was dog-friendly. I didn't bring my pups on that trip and was super bummed when I found out that I could have. Just make sure you do your research first and don't just show up with them anyway.

  3. Pumpkin Picking

    • Whether you're pumpkin carving or just decorating for fall, bring the dogs along to pick out your perfect pumpkin and let them "help" with the rest, too! You can even make pumpkin dog treats. It's safe and healthy for your furry family members- and they love it! 

  4. Camping

    • Pack up your tent and dog bowls and head out of town, or to a local campground. Nothing will make you closer to your pup than sleeping, eating and spending literally every second together for a day, or even a weekend. You could even combine the hiking and camping trip in to one! 

  5. Tailgating 

    • Fall = Football season! Tailgate with some friends and bring the pup along, too. They'll love the extra people, rubs and crumbs!

  6. Make an Obstacle Course

    • It's never too late to learn some new tricks. Dogs love to learn and feel like they're making you proud. Have them jump a log, chase for a pinecone and jump high for a stick! You don't need fancy equipment, and they won't know the difference anyway.

  7. Help with the Yard Work

    • Do you have raking, weeding or planting to do? Just let your pup hang out and enjoy the outdoors. This could be a great chance for some photo ops, too!

  8. Tagalong to a Fall Festival

    • Does your city have any fun Fall Festivals? Fall Fest? Beer Fest? Check first to make sure they're pet-friendly and load up the troops for a fun-filled day of meeting new people, maybe even sampling some local food or drinks.

  9. Go to a National Park

    • National Parks offer nice scenery, open spaces and sometimes even some history. Take a stroll and get to know this amazing country that we live in!

Have anything to add to the list? Comment below! Otherwise, enjoy this temperate weather and spend some memorable time with your furry companions. Happy fall, y'all!


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