30 Things to do Before You're 30

30 Things to do Before You're 30

I was nearing the end of my 20's and quickly realized that there were a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish before my 30th birthday. So, began the list. Here are 30 things to do before you're 30:

  1. Travel to a Different Continent

    • You need to get out and experience how different people live. It really changes your perspective. 

  2. Have Professional Pictures Taken

    • If you aren't married and aren't a teacher, the odds are that you haven't had many reasons to get in front of a photographer. This is a great time to get some professional headshots, suggest family photos or volunteer your services to a just-starting-out photographer.

  3. Buy a Pet

    • If you don't have kids, it's time to take some responsibility and have something to depend on you for their life. It will teach you things. Patience, putting someone else's needs before yours, among many other things.

  4. Buy Nice Silverware

    • The mitchmatched Walmart silver is nice for college but you need to upgrade for adulthood. Get a nice set of silverware, or even ask Mom & Dad for some for Christmas this year.

  5. Get Health Insurance

    • If your job doesn't offer it,  you need to start shopping around on your own. Things happen when you least expect them to and you'll end up regretting not having basic health coverage. 

  6. Go to an Expensive Restaurant

    • A 5 star dining experience is like no other. Dress up and mind your manners at a fancy dinner at least once before you start a family. 

  7. Start a Side Hustle

    • Figure out how you can make additional income, based on your skills and interests. Explore a passion. You could surprise yourself.

  8. Learn How to Cook

    • You need to know how to make at least enough things to get you by. Go for a pasta dish, a chicken dish, a seafood dish, something for in a slow cooker.

  9. Run in a Race

    • If you aren't very athletic, shoot for a 5k or an 8k. If you are, go for a 1/2 of a full marathon. 

  10. Watch a Porno

    • Just checking to see if you were paying attention. But hey, why not. 

  11. Volunteer

    • Find a cause that means something to you and donate your time to serve them. It feels good to give back and makes you think differently.

  12. Climb a Mountain

    • There's just something about seeing the world from atop a mountain and feeling so small.

  13. Splurge On a Pair of Shoes

    • They just feel good, better than any other pair of shoes you'll own.

  14. Find How You Like to Workout

    • Not everyone enjoys exercise in the same way. If you like yoga, or weightlifting, or dancing, that's fine! Just find which way you enjoy getting fit and do that.

  15. Learn Your Family Tree

    • As the rest of your family grows older, it's important to understand the lineage of your family history.

  16. Learn to Play Poker

    • It's more than just a party trick. It teaches you things. Keep your face straight, learn some tactic and relax.

  17. Go to Church, But Only if You Want To

    • If you are still doing things to make your parents happy, stop. Do things that make you happy and that you either want to do or that will grow you as a person. If church isn't for you, I'm talking to you right now.

  18. Start Talking to Your Parents More Often

    • Things are never 'less busy' than they are now, so be sure you're talking to your parents at least once a week via phone, text or email. It will mean a lot to them and it's important to keep your connection strong. They're going to need you soon, you know.

  19. Buy a Home (or at least be close)

    • Renting is a waste of money. Also, have you ever heard of someone successful renting their home? I haven't. 

  20. Go to a Chiropractor

    • If you've been before, you know why I say this. Just go and get aligned. 

  21. Pay off Your Credit Card

    • There's nothing less attractive then going in to talk to a mortgage broker and showing them $5,000+ in credit card debt. Make a plan and chip away at it. Dave Ramsey's plan works if you haven't heard about it yet (I'm not getting paid to say that, it is really just a great plan).

  22. Start a Retirement Plan -There is NEVER a time "too early" to start

    • See Dave Ramsey reference above.

  23. Find a Genre of Books That You Like

    • Reading is good for the mind. Find something that interests you and I guarantee there's a book series about it. This will also give you something to do that isn't attached to a screen.

  24. Buy Nice Sheets

    • You'll thank me later for recommending this. And so will your partner.

  25. Learn to be More Present

    • Technology makes this more of a rarity in today's age. But just teach yourself to absorb everything around you and you'll learn to just be happier with less.

  26. Get a Physical

    • It's time to start paying attention to your health. You need blood work and panels run to get a head start on your personal care. This will also give doctors a good baseline for your personal health as you age.

  27. Eat More Meals at Home

    • Eating out is expensive and you have no idea what you're getting. Restaurants and fast food businesses add saturated fat and salt to foods to make their food taste better. So the same meal at home vs out could cost you 100's of extra hidden calories and preservatives. And did I mention it's cheaper?

  28. Go Camping and Stay up All Night

    • As you age, sleeping on a forest floor in a vinyl tent may not seem so appealing. Experience it now and become one with nature.

  29. Get Comfortable in Your Skin

    • Work through your insecurities and learn to love yourself, inside and out. This is important to learn especially as you start a family. You don't want to have a tribe of kids learning your insecurities. You want them to start out in this world with confidence. The world already breaks them down enough.

  30. Focus on YOU

    • Make sure you're checking off your personal goals list. Choose yourself first in the decisions that you make. Break up with that deadbeat. Stop surrounding yourself with negative people. And apply for that job.

 This is the prime time to succeed. You have little responsibilities, more time then you'll ever have again, and energy that you may never have again. Max out. And then hey, you're thirty. #Adulting will become #reallife.

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