This space is a collection of Jessica's favorite thoughts and work – from bulldogs and cooking, to technology and fitness. This is the life of a modern-day working mom.


About Jessica

Jessica is a wife and new mother. She, her husband and little girl live in Virginia their two American Bulldogs and enjoy spending time at home together. Jessica is the Social Media Director at a Virginia Beach-based ad agency and enjoys reading, CrossFit, wine, caffeine and making her house feel like a home. She also enjoys writing about herself in the third person. Say hello and follow Jessica on Twitter @byjessicajo.

Her Why

In her early twenties, Jessica discovered her love for homemaking. People were always asking her to share recipes, what worked for her bulldog's allergies, or to help their small business with social media. So this blog was created to share her working mom tricks of the trade. Hope you dig it!

Hire Her

The fact is that social media is completely transforming the way the world does business. The implications are huge and the gains are enormous for businesses that invest in social media. Even if you are in the minority of business owners who has the technical skills to make social media work, the reality is that you don’t have the time to do it properly.

Jessica offers consultation sessions, brand maintenance, directory creation, and set up of the following platforms: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Snapchat, Instagram, Wordpress and more. Her services are tailored to each business or individual to help them achieve their specific goals. Email for a FREE consultation!